Steel buildings may seem as something new. It has however been used during the early part of the 20th century specifically during World War II. It was during this period that steel became easier to obtain and since it was lighter compared to concrete, it was easier to put up as well.

Thus the two biggest reasons for the popularity of steel buildings is that it is easier to erect and less costly when compared to traditional construction. A building made of concrete may take weeks or even months to finish construction. With steel buildings, you can reduce to this to a few weeks or even days. The reason for this is that unlike typical construction, the design of the building up to the pre-fabrication is done somewhere else usually by contractors or professionals like General Steel. Once everything is done, all that is left to do is putting everything up. It is because of this that constructing steel buildings can cost up to 60% that the usual construction methods.

Now that we have answered the question of efficiency and cost, we next look at strength. Clearly concrete can be considered as stronger than steel. Steel buildings however remain to be cheaper and faster to install. That leaves us with wood. Wood can also be pre-fabricated and less expensive as well. Compared to wood however, steel has greater weight to strength ratio. What this means it that steel can support higher weights, as much as 25 times, than wood. With steel, you also have no need to worry about other issues that wooden materials face. These can include, among many others, fire, rotting, warping, shrinking, or even cracking. You also do not need to worry about insects like termites. Steel also does not need to worry about molds. Thus in terms of strength and maintenance, steel is indeed a good choice. These different features of steel can in fact lower your insurance by up to 40%. Aside from having lower insurance, companies like General Steel also offer what is known as structural warranty that can last for as long as 50 years depending on the type. Though it is good to note that in the case of pre-fabricated buildings, the warranty is not given by the one who made the structure but the one who manufactured the steel.

Still not convinced yet? Here’s one more reason why you should go for steel buildings. Contrary to what some people may say, this type of building is environment friendly. How you ask? While a building made of steel can be cheaper, manufacturing the steel itself can be costly considering the raw materials needed. However in order to address the growing demand for such buildings many companies today use recycled steel. Consider this example. A building that measures 40 by 50 feet will need around 50 trees. A steel one though will need just around 6 scrapped automobiles.

By now you should be encourage to think about the use of steel at the very least. To know more about go to General Steel and inquire. If not, you can always go online and check their website at


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Whether you are a real estate agency that is just getting started or you have been in the business for a while, it is pretty clear that the way you market your real estate agency can make a big difference in terms of the amount of clientele you are able to bring in. After all, reaching out to new customers is a huge part of the work that you will be doing as a real estate agent. Finding people to come look at homes as well as finding homes for people to look at are all a big part of your business, so you are well aware of how important this part of your work can be. That being said, you might not know the ins and outs of digital real estate marketing and how this part of the marketing world can really make a difference in terms of your overall success as a marketing company. The best thing that you can do to help set your real estate agency up for success is to start working with a great real estate marketing company like the Real Estate Marketing Gurus who can help you get set up with all the right tools and tricks to reach your potential customers in new ways!

These days, most people use the internet for everything from shopping to research to communication. The reality of our modern world is that we spend more and more time looking at screens to get information and less and less time looking around at the world around us. This is not to say that we are not paying attention, but simply that on billboards or business cards just do not hold as much weight anymore. People do not have a rolodex to store your business card in and will likely lose a flyer faster than you can give it to them. Why waste time on advertisements that really do very little to make an impact on your potential client base? Instead, consider a digital real estate marketing strategy that turns internet users into clients who are actively interested in your business. This could not be more true in an industry like real estate. So many people use phone applications like Zillow to look for new homes or perform a local search to see what’s on the market in their area. In fact, a majority of the online searches that are performed each day are local searches, filled with people looking for goods and services in their direct area. With those kinds of odds, how can you not reach out to this client base? Through the right application of digital marketing strategies like real estate SEO and real estate web design, you will be able to reach out to clients in new ways. Plus, studies show that 82 % of local searchers actually do follow up, either in person or with a phone call. Start turning casual web searchers into clients today by starting up a partnership with the Real Estate Marketing Gurus; they will revolutionize your marketing strategy!

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contractor marketingIn any business, marketing is of the utmost importance, but there is no universally effective marketing approach.  That is why you need to specially tailor your marketing strategies, to fit with your business and business approach.  While it is necessary to get outside marketing help, no matter what, selecting the right marketing company can only be done if you are clear about your business.  If you are a private construction contractor, you need to find a contractor marketing agency, such as Contractor Marketing Gurus.  They have a comprehensive approach to marketing, that involves many different online marketing tactics.

When it comes to any business, one of the biggest obstacles is enabling potential clients or customers to discover your business.  If they are not aware of your company, how are they going to know to call you, when they need a contractor?  Needless to say, there is no one obvious and simple way to get your name out into the world, but there are some definite steps you can take.  First of all, with the internet as widely used as it is, you need to be aware of the fact that online publicity is becoming the most important kind.  Before you can begin garnering publicity, you should start with a good website, though.  Fortunately, Contractor Marketing Gurus specializes in contractor website design.  They will be able to create an effective website, for your company, as they have knowledge of both the construction business and online marketing.  They will make sure that your website is informative, providing all the information that people will expect, in a way that it easy to access and understand.

Of course, once you have a website, you need to know that people will be able to locate it.  Having a good domain name is always important, but, even with an excellent one, more effort is necessary.  Today, the field of search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most effective means of enabling your website to be found easily, on the internet.  Search engine optimization involves a few different techniques, but a large part of it involves hyperlinking words or phrases, from other articles and sites, and linking them to your company site.  In order to execute SEO successfully, though, you need to be dealing with a qualified contractor SEO agency, like Contractor Marketing Gurus.  It is not enough that they are knowledgeable about online marketing and SEO.  The also need to be, at least to some degree, familiar with the specifics of your business.  One of the signs of a good SEO company is the presence of natural language, which reflects the specific details of the field in which the company is involved.

While just having a website that people can find is not the only key to success, in business, it is a major step in the right direction.  Being able to be discovered online, by your client base, is particularly important in industries like construction, since there is a lot of competition, despite the fact that every contractor has as somewhat different specialty.


Do you know the “Four C’s” of diamonds?  They are some of the most common ways to grade a diamond by the experts.  If you are planning on purchasing a diamond any time soon you should definitely educate yourself, especially if you are going to a certified diamond distributor or jeweler.  The Four C’s stand for color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.  These combine to make a method of diamond grading that was established by the GIA.  Because this has become a centralized and standard grading system, you know that you can trust a GIA certified diamond and the grade that it comes with.

GIA stand for the Gemological Institution of America and it has been grading diamonds since 1931.  This is the most commonly threaded laboratory that examines and grades diamonds in the United States.  It has extremely high standards, which is why all jewelers, dealers, and diamond distributors trust their grading system.  Their graded diamonds are widely sought after among diamond experts because they know that they can sell them for top dollar based on their expert rankings.  GIA started very small but now employs over 900 certified diamond experts across the world that specialize in grading and applying standards to each stone that they see.  They are also expert analysts, giving diamonds the exact grade that they deserve so that dealers and consumers can be well informed on their purchases.

When you are looking around for the best diamond for whatever your occasion, you should consider the Four C’s but also consider your budget and what kind of look of the stone overall that appeals to you the most.  When you use the GIA certification it does make GIA certified diamondthings a little easier, however.  The descriptions are clear for consumers so that they can tell exactly what they are purchasing.  Plus it’s comforting to know that these GIA certification standards are used and accepted across the world.  These certifications give quality grades so that you can compare them to the pricing that you see to know what is fair.  Once a diamond is certified it can be used for any number of larger pieces of jewelry, or it can be sold on its own as a loose diamond.  Special GIA cut diamonds are highly regarded in jewelry items like rings, earrings, watches, and necklaces.  Because GIA is so world renowned, they have even inspected famous items like the Hope Diamond and the De Beers Millennium Star.

So the next time you’re looking into purchasing a diamond and you don’t know where to begin, you should absolutely start with GIA certification.  If you know a diamond has been GIA certified than you know its grade it accurate and its value is legitimate.  If any diamond distributor or jeweler wishes to be considered reputable, they will carry only diamonds that have been GIA certified because they know the customers will ask for them.  There are some other legitimate diamond certification organizations out there that can compare to GIA, but only GIA is completely recognized across the globe as the best and most accurate.


Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is on the rise. It is a an active cannabinoid that is found in cannabis. It is becoming more popular because it offers the typical benefits of medical marijuana without the effects of tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. THC is the compound that causes the feelings of being ‘high’ from smoking or eating marijuana. CBD cannabis

CBD marijuana has also been shown to have anti-psychotic effects and can be used to treat mental conditions and diseases. Some of these mental conditions include schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. CBD marijuana works with NMDA receptor pathways in the brain to help alleviate and solve symptoms that lead to schizophrenia. NMDA stands for N-Methyl-d-aspartic acid and is an amino acid that functions in the brain to regulate the NMDA receptors. If the NMDA receptor pathways become disabled or altered, then this can cause schizophrenia and schizophrenia symptoms. The CBD cannabis works to stabilize the NMDA receptors in order to regulate the normal flow of the brain.

It also works help alleviate depression. This could be due to the fact that when the CBD strains helps to regulate and stabilize the functionality of NMDA receptors. NMDA receptors can be shared by GABA and norepinephrine. GABA is a neurotransmitter that can cause relaxing effects and counter anxiety. Norepinephrine works as a hormone and a neurotransmitter that is essential for promoting concentration.

Another benefit of CBD marijuana is that it can be used to treat dravet syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a rare disease that is a form of epilepsy. It is hard to treat since it is rare and starts as a baby. Dravet syndrome can also be called Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI). CBD cannabis in a high concentrated form can be used to help treat dravet syndrome. These also include a low concentrated form of THC.

CBD marijuana can also be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis. This works to alleviate the joint pain and also promote the medicinal effects without the THC feeling of being high. This gives medical marijuana patients the opportunity to use medical CBD cannabis throughout the day and still live their lives normally if they are sensitive to the effects of THC.

CBD cannabis strains are also used to colitis, which is a digestive disorder. The treatment of colitis with CBD marijuana provides medicinal effects through the anti-anxiety and relaxation of the strain which helps the parasympathetic nervous system to stay active and promote healthy digestion. Other diseases and health conditions that can be treated with CBD cannabis strains include liver inflammation, diabetes and heart conditions.

CBD cannabis strains have been offered as a strain with highly concentrated CBD and very low levels of THC. It was first introduced at a medical marijuana facility in Israel in 2012. It has grown in popularity due to the lack of THC effects but keeping the effects of the medicinal side of the benefits of marijuana. To find out more on various types of CBD cannabis strains and cannabis dispensaries, visit

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  1. The best roofing companies have been in the industry for a long time. There are roofing companies who have been around for over a hundred years in the United States and the reason they have been able to stay in business for so long is they know what they are good at what they do. No matter what the service might be, we always look for a company that has a long track record because we know that we can trust them more than we could a new company with less experience. The oldest roofing companies can brag about the tens of thousands of roof that they have repaired over the years and that is something in and of itself. When a company has been at it for such a long time the customer also tends to see the company as being a part of the community and people are often times very sentimental about their area’s local businesses. If all of this wasn’t reason enough to give the older roofing companies the step up, older companies have longtime relationships with families who would never use any other roofing company because of the customer loyalty they feel towards the folks who have been helping to fix their roof for generations.
  2. A solid advertising structure. If a roofing company has not been around for a hundred years or more, one way they can win tons of customers is by creating a good image and knowledge of their company through ads. The most popular median for roofing companies to get the word out about their business if through the internet. These days there are very few roofing companies who do not have an online site and many companies have two or three different sites. One of the companies that have enjoyed real online success is, a site which thousands of people visit when looking for a roofing service. Most people today use the internet to find everything and roofing services are no exception. Companies with good online sites report that the overwhelming majority of the business they receive each year comes from customer who came to them through the internet. The other place where roofing advertising has been well received is on radio and TV ads, but the cost of producing and airing these kinds of ads is far more expensive than the interne t and still not quite as effective.
  3. Friendly staffs. Clients really respond to friendly roofers who make the services they supply a pleasant and easy experience. Many folks think of home services and the first though that pops in their head is a crew of unfriendly workers with bad manners. For the most part the idea of roofers is less positive than is deserved. This stereotype is however not true with the majority of roofers who do all they can to provide service with a smile to their customers. The roofing industry wants to change the way the public views roofers and they are doing the job, one smile at a time.
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There are quite a few different ways to listen to music nowadays, but the basis for all of these different types of music storage can all be traced back to one very important step forward for the music storage and music playing industry: the LP record. Up until this time, phonograph records were much further behind in terms of the materials they were made from, reducing the playing time of albums and therefore impacting the way that artists wrote and produced songs for public consumption. Indeed, the alterations of the way the public is able to consumer music has had a huge impact over the years on the way music has been created for that public consumption. The changes brought about by the LP record are innumerable and far reaching, even to the way that we today talk about the songs on album. The vinyl records of old have shaped around terminology, as we refer to these songs as “tracks” on the album, referring- of course- to the way the needle ran its course around the album, playing a particular song. In ways as simple as this to more complex phenomenon, the LP record took the world forward by a huge lead in terms of music storage and music consumption for the public.

So, what was so special about LP records when they first came about. Perhaps the most significant switch that can be identified is in the material that was used to produce the albums. When LP records came into existence, the phonograph records in use were http://www.soundstagedirect.commade from an abrasive shellac materials. This shellac’s texture made it quite noisy when placed on the turntable. Indeed, the shellac compound also made use of a larger groove than the improved LP records did. Because these shellac records had larger grooves, they could play only 78 revolutions every minute, meaning that a 12 inch record could only play five minutes on each side. The big changes that set LP records up for instant success, then, were the change in the size of the grooves on the disc as well as the use of vinyl for the record. Only the smaller tipped stylus was the really revolutionary aspect, as vinyl records with a 33 and a third rotations per minute speed had been produced before. The “microstylus”, as it was called and the “mircogrooves” truly changed the way music was played and made records for home use more of an option for everyday people. The LP record was especially well set up for classical music with this extended playing time option; before, the long symphonic tunes had been difficult to capture on a disc playing only five minutes per side, often selling classical music in sets of 78 rpm records with many sleeves bound together. With the rise of the LP record, a whole album could be played on just one record, inducing the rise of the name “record album.” And thus, LP records swept the nation, and large music stores like Sound Stage Direct still sell LPs today in massive quantities, as people are still fond of that one-disc LP sound.

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My friend Sally was a very happy and athletic girl. She used to be involved in many different sports and was the captain of her volleyball and softball teams. She loved being around her friends and meeting new people. She was very outgoing and laughed a lot. When her mother died, Sally withdrew from the social scene. She stopped going to her volleyball games and didn’t even try at softball. She quit all of her league sports and stopped working out altogether. Food Addiction

Throughout this time, family and friends tried to help Sally cope with the death of her mother. Everyone thought that she needed love and attention and most people thought that the way to her heart was through food. Sally had so many friends and loved ones that there was a constant barrage of people bringing over hot dishes and dinners to her house. She would turn everyone away at the door, telling everyone that she was too sad to see anyone but would always take the dish into her house.

No one actually saw Sally leave her home after awhile. She worked from home frequently anyways and we all thought that she was just coping with the death of her mother in her own ways. She was and it was not in a healthy way. Sally had developed an extreme addiction to food. She frequently overate and didn’t exercise at all. She took in all of the meals that everyone brought her and sat and ate her emotional distress in the form of dinners, desserts and drinks.

Sally quickly gained weight and realized that she was addicted to food. She was still too sad and too emotionally distraught to recognize that she needed help for this. Rather, instead of seeking treatment for her eating disorder, she began purging up the food she at in an effort to stop gaining weight. She could no longer control the amounts of food that she was eating. Instead, she decided to control how it would be digested. She began using laxatives as well as forcing herself to vomit every time she overate.

After some time, Sally left the house. She was pale and her cheeks were swollen. She was embarrassed at how poorly she had handled her emotions and sought out help through her friends. Her emotional stress was too deep and she found herself continuing to overeat and purge her food in private. She started exercising again but was still binging and purging. She just could not control how much food she put in her mouth. Every time she polished off an entire cake or box of brownies, she felt so guilty and ashamed of her lack of control over food.

Sally knew that she had to take control of her life again. She began researching holistic outpatient treatment centers such as Positive Pathways. Once she received treatment, she also dealt with the death of her mother in a positive way. She began seeing a therapist, kept a food journal and was on the path to a healthy recovery. She is now very active again and also very aware of the dangers that she put her body through.

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