There are two types of estimates that moving services will offer you: binding and non-binding. Before we talk about these two, you should know that depending on what estimate you choose, these will determine how your shipment charge will be computed.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires any moving company to provide potential clients with a written estimate. A written estimate has more weight and is more legal compared to a verbal estimate. As required by the FMCSA, a moving company must give the consumer a written estimate of all the possible charges that will be incurred in shipping the items. Once you and the company agree on it, the agreement has to be signed and it is just as important that the document be dated.

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So what then is the difference between a binding estimate and a non-binding estimate? As defined by the FMCSA, a binding estimate is one where you as the consumer, will not pay the moving company more that what is stated in the estimate. However, if there are any changes to the original agreement, then you and the moving services you have hired can do one of three things:

1. both you and the company may agree to proceed with the binding estimate despite the change;

2. both you and the company can agree to cancel the old binding estimate and draft a new one; or

3. agree to convert the binding estimate into a non-binding one.

If the company does not negotiate a new agreement with you or offer a conversion, then once the goods are loaded, the original binding estimate is considered enforced. Still, even with this provision, there remain special situations wherein the company can charge you for additional expenses. This may seem advantageous to you but if you are unable to pay the full amount of the binding estimate, the moving services has the right to place your goods in storage and at your expense.

A non-binding estimate on the other hand is done to give you an idea of how much you will spend to ship your goods. Though it may not be the final amount, a non-binding estimate will give you a price that is close to the actual one. The good thing about a non-binding estimate is that the moving services will not require you to pay more than 110% of what was originally estimated at the time of the delivery. On your part though, this will still mean that you have to pay the amount due to the company.

Which one should you choose then? The answer is, it depends on several considerations. If you are sure of what things are needed to be shipped and you have the budget for it, then a good choice would be a binding estimate. While it may cost more, a non-binding estimate ensures that you can ship any additional items that you forgot to inform the company about.

To know more about estimates, visit as they will be able to answer any additional questions you may have and more.

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Emi people think that once they get a storage unit, they don’t have to do anything to manage it.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Simply because you have a unit with all of your items in it, does not mean that all of those items will be safe and sound unless you take care of a couple of things.  Here are three tips to help you manage your self storage unit.

1.  Set up auto pay.  Unfortunately, just about everything in the world today costs some amount of money.  Many storage units, however, like the ones at Storage Direct, are very reasonably priced, making self storage a possibility for anybody and everybody.  With that being said, even if the price is reasonable, it still exists.  However, once people place things in their storage unit, they often forget about them.  The nice thing about a storage unit is that it gets excess items and such out of the way, so that a person or a business can deal with the more pressing issues of each day.  Although the items are out of the way, they are still being stored somewhere, which means you will have to pay a small monthly bill.  Many people forget to pay this bill, which leads to their storage unit being auctioned to the highest bidder.  There are few things that are worse than realizing that you have forgotten to pay your bill, and then stopping by your storage facility and learning that all of your items are gone.  Therefore, in order to ensure that your bill gets paid on time each month, setting up auto pay is a great idea.  The money you owe will be charged to your card one time each month, making sure that your payments are consistent and on time.

2.  Check on your items somewhat regularly.  The purpose of this tip is not to suggest that people should be checking on their storage units once a week or anything like that.  However, you should check on your unit one time every month or so.  This will help to ensure that you have not had any water damage to your unit, or that any pests have gotten into it and caused damage.  The stuff you are storing in your storage unit is being stored because you are not ready to throw it away.  Thus, check on your unit semi-frequently to make sure that all of your items are taken care of.

3.  Always lock your unit.  The last piece of helpful advice is to ensure that you always lock your unit before you leave.  This may seem obvious, but like the bill you should be paying each month, gets forgotten by many customers.  Not locking your unit can lead to theft of your personal items.  Therefore, create a checklist each time you go to your storage unit, and ensure that each and every time you are locking the unit correctly.  Many storage units are unique, so ensuring that you lock the lock properly can prevent you from having some major headaches down the road.

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Many people decide to rent a self storage unit without really thinking through all the scenarios involved in doing so. They select a storage unit and then hope for the best, tossing in their belongings without a real thought as to the best ways to keep it clean and the best ways to protect their items. An easy way to avoid a scenario in which you end up with a messy storage unit is to choose a storage unit rental company like My Storage Solutions, where you will be able to rest assured that your storage unit will be safe, clean and secure during your rental experience. There are some other steps that you can personally take, however, to ensure that your storage unit stays fresh and clean throughout your time of renting. For example, organize your unit effectively and keep things off the ground. These are easy things that you can do to keep your possessions safe and clean. Stay away from these other actions in order to keep your self storage unit in top condition throughout your time of rent:

1. Never, ever, EVER store food in your storage unit. This is a disaster waiting to happen. When food gets stored in your storage unit, you attract all matter of pests, be it insects or rats or anything else. Putting food in your storage unit never ends well because you end up destroying your possessions by putting them at the mercy of animals and insects. Plus, the food never stays edible, so why waste it by putting it in a self storage unit?

2. Don’t leave your items in storage without some kind of back up protection. Storage unit rental insurance is a great way to be protected in all ways while your things are in a self storage unit. After all, you never know what might happen while in storage. Despite your storage unit rental facility’s management’s best efforts, something unexpected might go wrong. Instead of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, take appropriate actions ahead of time and purchase rental insurance so that you are definitely covered in case of flood, fire, or some other unforeseeable event. Of course, working with a trustworthy self storage unit rental facility
can take a lot of this guesswork out of the renting experience, so make sure that you take that aspect seriously as well.

3. Don’t use printed newspaper to pack your belongings in. This is a poor choice because printed newspaper tends to leave ink smudges on your possessions instead of leaving them as clean and protected as possible. Use just plain wrap instead of newspaper whenever packing up your items and putting them into self storage. It may cost a little bit more than using your old newspapers, but it will make a world of difference in the end.

These are just three of the many ways that you can avoid little mistakes that end up having larger ramifications in your storage unit rental facility experience. Be self storage savvy and protect your items from careless damage.

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One of the biggest decisions in a young kid’s life is where to have their first birthday parties.  You want to be able to do it in a safe and family friendly area and at the same point, you want to be able to do it where the grown ups can have fun as well.  You should not have to worry about all of the individual issues that are involved and as a result, one of the big decisions is how involved you want to be and where you should hold the event.  Fortunately, there are places out there like Lollipop Park in Centennial.  This place is an indoor play area for kids and their families. With a large number of attractions available, the area is choked full of fun stuff that the entire family would enjoy.  Some of the areas include the use of water slides and foam pits.  While these two things would not mix very well, they are close by and it allows for the kids and their folks to have a great time running around.

kids birthday party placeMoreover, a lot of the ground is covered by that gymnastics padding, so the kids can run and fall and be okay enough to get back on the next thing.  Of course, you will essentially have to sign over the life your kid through the insurance agreements, but nothing bad is going to happen to you or the kid, so it is really not something to worry about.  The other great thing about having your event here is that you can go out and get all of the essentials needed for the birthday party and store them ahead of time.  Many people know that the day of events are rather crazy.  As a result, if you need to run out and grab all of the utensils and paper plates or if you just wanted to call a catering company, you can do that too.  The great thing about the indoor play area is that there is a separate eating area, so that the two can be separated for the kids.  All in all, it is a great place to bring your family for your kid’s birthday party.

The next time that you are looking to take your kid somewhere, a great place to do it is in an indoor party area. These places are built for children and their birthday parties, so skip out on going to laser tag for the fifth time this month and try something new.  There is a great chance that you will be able to find some great options that are available and there are also always coupons around.  So talk with your partner and figure out where the best place to start buying all of the fun stuff you are going to give your kid for his or her birthday.  It will be a really fun time and hopefully more and more people start to consider this alternative place to bring their kids for their birthday parties.


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There are so many excellent new trends cropping up in jewelry stylings these days that it can be tricky to know which ones to follow and what jewelry styles are going to be the very best for you! The good news is that it is easy to see which trends are coming out consistently on top, and lately those trends have been to keep jewelry simple with a hint of baroque style mixed with an eye to the future. That’s right, a lot of new http://www.cutfj.comjewelry can be categorized into one of three different areas: simple styles, baroque styles, and futuristic styles. If you are wearing jewelry that falls into one of these three categories, chances are you are doing something right! While jewelry trends certainly do come and go, there are trends that have been consistent for quite some time, and taking advantage of looks that have lasted through the years will leave you with great jewelry that always seems to fit right in. From the very earliest stages of modern jewelry on forward, jewelry artisans have always tried to imbibe their pieces with something new and unique, be that a gemstone or fine diamonds or new techniques. The twentieth century techniques that are informing current trends keep these ideas in mind while building off the basic styles mentioned earlier.

First, jewelry has always been particularly successful with a straight forward and simple look and feel. Trading out complex materials and patterns for the “rational” jewelry choice has always been a good decision for people living a more urban lifestyle. Indeed, these concepts of transparency and lightness have been important jewelry traits for brides, executives, and other living a life with clear cut edges. However, this simplicity in jewelry has also traditionally signaled classicism, purity, and rationalism. These are not necessarily negative traits, although the price of very simple and plain jewelry has not always been easily accessed by poorer populations. For example, the purest and simplest diamond available is exquisite and also prohibitively expensive for most people.

Baroque jewelry, on the other hand, makes use of strong and vivid coloring, symmetry paired with asymmetry, flowers, sculpted areas, and other creative additions. It is far from simple and would be better described as jewelry expressive of a person or certain mood. This trend became particularly strong after the World Wars, when the world permitted itself a time of celebration as well as a little bit of excess. These pieces have been perfect when paired with simple black dresses and the like. This style is similar to the futuristic jewelry style that has also risen to popularity. Both styles are rooted in a sense of adventure and excitement and bring styles and artistic trends never before seen in jewelry into jewelry pieces. For the baroque style, this meant using architectural themes and in modern jewelry, this often means everything from acrylic to plastic to glass is fair game to be turned into jewelry. No matter what your style is, you are sure to find something that fits your needs with current jewelry trends.

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It can be tough to know what is best for your skin, body, and overall health these days. Every day it seems like there is a new study or report out that touts the benefit of something crazier than the day before. Even your doctor can sometimes not know or change their mind about what is best for your health. There is no way to keep up with all of it, but there are a few things you can do that are straightforward and easy and proven beyond a doubt to be good for you. Even if you never get beyond these basics, you will still turn out okay in the end and have decent health.

  • Rest – Getting plenty of sleep each night is essential for peak performance each day. If you skimp on sleep, your body does get to go through its complete regenerating process and you might end up selling yourself short. Being tired and lethargic during the day because you did not get enough sleep can happen and is okay once in a while. But doing that night after night for a long time can wear on you and your body. People who get less sleep are more likely to be overweight, have more trouble with their skin, and are more likely to suffer from depression.
  • Water – Drinking a lot of water every day, all day keeps your body continually hydrated, which is good for your whole being. It is vital for functioning organs including skin, for digestion, and for a properly functioning metabolism. Much like sleep, if you skimp on the water on a regular basis you are going to have worse health outcomes than those who regularly keep hydrated. Your skin will suffer, as will other parts of your mind and body.
  • Oils – Adding essential oils to your daily routine is about as clear cut a health benefit asfrankincense oil you can get from one thing. As plant derivatives, essential oils provide vital antioxidant and antibacterial properties that human beings’ bodies use to fight disease and infections. Using essential oils such as frankincense oil is proven to fight depression, stave off disease, and boost immune system capabilities. Essential oils can be delivered through the skin or absorbed through the air if they have been diffused into a room, and they stay in your system just long enough to provide the many benefits before being passed on.
  • Exercise and diet – Between these two categories alone the research is staggering and can be conflicting. What is commonly accepted is that eating less processed foods, lots of plant based foods, and getting regular exercise are good for you. The exercise can be anything from walking and running to weight lifting, but a variety is also good for you and keeps your body from becoming too accustomed to one type of thing. If you do nothing else, getting out of bed and walking a couple of miles every day is better than nothing. Eat a lot of plants, very little processed foods, and lean proteins for the best results.
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http://www.landpreserve.comThere is a common myth amongst many environmentalists that hunters are simple minded people that like to kill animals for fun and that don’t understand wildlife and habitat preservation.  There are few things on this planet that are further from the truth.  In reality, hunters are some of the biggest advocates for habitat preservation, because those same habitats are where they like to spend their leisure time.  If entire ecosystems and habitats are subjected to new shopping malls, deforestation, excessive pollution, or other environmental degradations, hunters can no longer use them to enjoy one of their favorite activities.  The same thing goes for wildlife preservation.  If all of the wolves in an area have been killed off, there are so many deer everywhere that the challenge of hunting disappears.  Also, if too many animals in a particular habitat are being killed because of human encroachment on their land, the entire ecosystem collapses and nothing can be hunted in that area.

Hunters take value in wildlife preservation because most of them simply enjoy spending their time outside.  The majority of people who hunt do so on hunting trips.  These typically involve planned vacations that involve many nights out camping under the stars.  It is similar to people who enjoy hiking and camping, only hunters are looking to shoot a deer or some quail that they can butcher, freeze the meat, and have for the next several months.  However, if the environment has seen too many people, typically the deer are more sparse.  Most animals don’t like to spend a lot of time around humans, so if human encroachment onto the land is too much, animals will typically move on.  Also, if the pollution is too much, trash is scattered about, etc., the joy of being in the wild is diminished greatly.

However, there are some hunting techniques that do not promote environment protectionSome hunters plant crops to attract deer to their property.  This artificially raises the number of deer in the area, and fattens them up.  It is bad for the environment because these types of crops tend to be monocultures, will take a lot of nutrients out of the soil without replenishing them.  Over time, this damages the soil and the surrounding habitat.

Also, some hunters view environmental protection and conversation just like they view the animals: as something for human consumption and need.  This is a bad viewpoint, because it is exactly this viewpoint that leads us to take more and more resources from our earth even when it clearly cannot take it.

In conclusion, many hunters that value the environment and habitats that they hunt in understand the need for environmental and habitat protection.  They understand that without habitat and wildlife preservation, the very lands that they treasure so much, and enjoy so much, will be no more.  As with everything though, there are also many hunters that practice behaviors that benefit their hunting, but that destroy the habitat their hunting depends on over time.  As with most things, there are some good ones out there, and there are some bad ones.


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